Letters to the Editor: Waterlogging problem

Letters to the Editor: Waterlogging problem
Waterlogging problem I would like to draw the attention of people and concerned authorities towards water logging problem due to plastic bags in drains. We face floods during the monsoon every year due to water logging caused by polythene or plastic bags dumped irresponsibly. Undoubtedly, plastic bags are affordable and a convenient medium of carrying almost everything and we cannot completely stop using it, but it is not biodegradable and eco-friendly at all.
Along with plastic bags, feminine hygiene products, baby diapers and even hair can accumulate to the point where they lead to slow flow of water or total blockage. People throw polythene or plastic carry bags full of garbage in drains, roadside and everywhere possible, which causes water logging problems in the rainy days. As citizens, it is our duty to act responsibly and act wisely and ensure that plastic, used food plates, non-biodegradable things that cause water logging, are not thrown in the open or in neighbourhood drains.
There is also the need of fixing accountability of government officials and municipality authorities, to see if drains are cleaned properly or not. Also, strict penalties should be imposed on people throwing garbage in the open. We should take precautionary measures and do not let substances other than water and human waste enter the drain.
We, as responsible citizens, should work towards betterment of our country. This is the least we can and should do to keep ourselves safe and our city clean. Bhagyashree Das Cotton University Serious allegations Assam Pradesh TMC President Ripun Bora has been charged with inflicting mental harassment on controversial figure Sikha Sarma.
In her Facebook account, Sikha Sarma on September 5 wrote elaborately why she left TMC. Ripun Bora has the dubious distinction of serving sentence in Tihar Jail and also, he is the reason why Congress fared badly in the 2021 assembly elections. But this time one cannot blindly believe Sikha Sarma who herself is a controversial person known for her love and attachment to the linguistic minority people of East Bengal origin.
She too has served a jail term for insulting martyrs. The allegations levelled by drama queen Sikha Sarma is a serious one as the TMC is yet to gain foothold in the state. Any allegation, that too, against the state chief of the party will dent the hopes of the party in the forthcoming parliamentary polls due in 2024.
This party is looked upon as the alternative to the sinking Congress in some constituencies like Baghbor, Dhing, Rupohihat, Kalgachia, Mankachar, Jonia, Chenga, Jamunamukh etc. Ripun Bora should remember that Sikha Sarma has good hold in minority-dominated constituencies because she is very vocal against the BJP government, Hindu customs and rituals, and NRC. Any goof up can negate some thousand votes of TMC, so Ripun Bora has to come out clean.
Spondon Hazuri Biswanath Chariali A proud moment The commissioning of the first indigenously designed and built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant is a very proud moment for every Indian. Now India joins the major countries which has such capability, like China, France, Russia, US, UK and Italy. This is a much-awaited aircraft carrier which our nation needs.
This is a sign of the new era in India's defence sector and a perfect example of the nation's approach towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat. INS Vikrant is a major boost for our defence and is all set to protect the Indo-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. This is a certainty a milestone for India.
Gitesh Ch. Aryya Nagaon. Timely editorial I once again salute you for your timely editorial dated 4/9/22, captioned INS VIKRANT which other local English dailies did not consider fit for the editorial column.
Yes, India is now among top five ranked nations of the globe having the state-of-the-art aircraft carrier INS VIKRANT, built with indigenous technical knowhow. It has no doubt strengthened our naval presence in the high seas sending a clear message to our hostile neighbours that now we mean business, unlike in the past if need be. With the acquisition of Rafale, indigenization of our armouries and now with launching of indigenously built aircraft carrier VIKRANT, India has almost become self-reliant in defence production which was not so under previous regimes which only talked of peace but never kept its powder dry.
With the induction of VIKRANT, the nation's naval history has been redefined. Dr Ashim Chowdhury Guwahati. Adopt, don't shop! It is often seen that people buy breed dogs or breed animals just to show off.
Such animals have to be kept with great care. When people can't take care of them, they leave those animals on the road. Those animals become homeless and they have to go through a lot of trouble.
It is seen that similar animals have also been victims of accidents. People shouldn't buy pets just to show off. If they can't take good care of them, then they shouldn't spoil someone else's life just to entertain themselves.
Animals are voiceless. They can't speak, they can't express their emotions but that doesn't mean they don't suffer. So don't just buy them.
Adopt them with love and care. Parilina Das Gauhati University Health is wealth The National Food Security Act, 2013 has been implemented in the State of Assam since December 2015 and under NFSA 2013, 84. 17% of rural population and 60.
35% of urban population (as per Census 2011) of the state are covered to distribute rice at highly subsidized rate. The Priority Household beneficiaries are provided with 5 kg of rice /family member. But the rice meant for distribution through the public distribution system is inferior.
Rice is life of Assam as it provides both food and nutritional security to the people residing in the state, so it is injustice to supply inferior rice to the people. It is shocking that the rice is infested with insects or is rotten, mostly unfit for human consumption. This rice surely doesn't provide any nutrition to the body that should be a matter of concern because if people of the region are not healthy it is impossible for the development in the region in anyway.
And many people after being benefitted with free rice scheme have stopped farming, which is a threat to the state's socio-economic condition. Also, some people are selling this rice illegally in some areas while there are many people who are in real need of this scheme but are not getting it. So the government needs to take steps to provide good quality rice to the people who are in need and also maintain the quality of rice in order to provide proper nutrition to each citizens as health is the most important thing in life.
Aadarshine Rajkhowa Cotton University.