WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The cast of 'Laguna Beach,' 16 years later

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The cast of 'Laguna Beach,' 16 years later
The cast of "Laguna Beach" changed reality television forever in 2004. Jason Merritt/FilmMagic/Getty Images "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" changed the world of reality TV in September 2004. The show lasted three seasons — though true "Laguna" fans see only the first two seasons as canon.
It launched stars like Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, and Stephen Colletti. As the great Hilary Duff once sang, "Let's go back, back to the beginning . .
. "The year was 2004, and "Laguna Beach" premiered on MTV. The show focused on a group of high school friends who attended Laguna Beach High School, and promised to show the world what "real" high schoolers in Orange County were like, not like the 20-somethings on "The OC.
"The show lasted for three seasons, launched three spin-offs ("The Hills," "The City," and "The Hills: New Beginnings"), and created stars out of the teenage cast. It set the standard for a new type of high-gloss reality show.  Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti saw starring on "Laguna Beach" as an opportunity.
Photo Credit: Dear Media / Getty ImagesHowever, while Conrad, Colletti, Cavallari, and Bosworth are still relatively well-known, the rest of the cast has resumed a normal life. Here's what the stars of "Laguna Beach" are up to now. Lauren Conrad was the first narrator of "Laguna Beach" and the show's relatable protagonist.
Lauren Conrad was the center of the series in 2004. John Sciulli/WireImage/Getty ImagesThe first season of "Laguna Beach" documented the end of Conrad's senior year of high school, and followed her and her group of friends as they decided what they wanted to do after graduation. A big part of the first season was the love triangle between Conrad, her friend Stephen Colletti, and Colletti's girlfriend Kristin Cavallari.
 Season two followed Conrad as she dropped out of college and began dating Jason Wahler. Their relationship was explored further in the first season of "The Hills. " Conrad went on to star in "The Hills" for five seasons.
Now, she's a married mom of two with her own lifestyle empire. Lauren Conrad is still thriving in 2022. Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty for Planet OatConrad was the star of "The Hills," which documented her and a new group of friends as they followed their dreams in Los Angeles.
But she left the show in the middle of the fifth season to pursue other projects. Now, she has a fashion empire, her own podcast, runs a marketplace called The Little Market, and recently started her own makeup brand. She's also written multiple books in the fiction and non-fiction genres.
Conrad is married to William Tell, a lawyer, and they have two sons. Kristin Cavallari was the show's other breakout star, and she became the narrator after Conrad left Laguna. Kristin Cavallari said she was excited about the opportunity "Laguna Beach" presented on the rewatch podcast she co-hosts with Colletti.
J. Merritt/FilmMagic/Getty ImagesCavallari was a grade behind Conrad and her friends, and thus season two was all about Cavallari graduating, as well as her complicated relationship with Colletti, who was in school in San Francisco. She left the show after season two.
She told Insider that she was chosen to be the villain of the series by producers during an interview in July 2022. Cavallari took over for Conrad on "The Hills," and then starred in her own reality show, "Very Cavallari. " She also has her own lifestyle brand, Uncommon James.
Kristin Cavallari has become a mommy, designer, author, and podcaster since "Laguna Beach. "Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC ImagesCavallari was re-introduced to audiences when the torch essentially passed from Conrad to Cavallari during Conrad's last episode of "The Hills. " During season five's episode 10 "Something Old, Something New" Cavallari attended the wedding of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt then remained on "The Hills" until it ended in 2010.
In 2018, Cavallari began starring on her own reality show on E!, called "Very Cavallari," which focused on her life in Nashville with her soon-to-be ex-husband Jay Cutler, and her efforts to expand Uncommon James. Cavallari was married to former Chicago Bears quarterback Cutler from 2013 to 2020, and they have three children together. The show ran for three seasons.
Cavallari has also written two cookbooks.  She and Colletti are currently cohosting "Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen," a "Laguna Beach" rewatch podcast.   Stephen Colletti was the object of both Conrad and Cavallari's affections.
Stephen Colletti was one of the breakout stars of "Laguna Beach. "Scott Gries/Getty ImagesColletti was the prototypical California surfer dude during the first two seasons of the show. Most of his storylines revolved around his on-again/off-again relationship with Cavallari.
He also had a close friendship with Conrad that constantly seemed to be on the verge of something more, though nothing ever happened on-screen.  Colletti left after season two. Colletti is now an actor and writer.
Colletti went on to be an actor. Gregg DeGuire/Getty ImagesColletti began starring in "One Tree Hill" in 2007 as Chase Adams and remained on the show until it ended in 2012. He then appeared in a few episodes of the basketball drama "Hit the Floor" until 2016.
He has also appeared in various TV movies. Colletti and his "One Tree Hill" co-star James Lafferty also co-wrote and co-starred in a pilot called"Everyone Is Doing Great. " They successfully funded the project with a Kickstarter.
 He told Insider that he was asked to be a recurring cast member on "The Hills" every season in an interview in July 2022. He declined but did appear during episode 26 of season three. The episode was aptly titled "A date with the past.
" He reveals new tidbits of his experience on the show during each episode of the rewatch podcast he co-hosts with Cavallari.  Jason Wahler popped up in season two as Jessica Smith's boyfriend. He later dated Lauren Conrad.
Jason Wahler got his start on "Laguna Beach" as a love interest of Jessica Smith. John Shearer/WireImage for Frederick's of Hollywood/Getty ImagesWahler originally appeared on the show as Jessica Smith's boyfriend, though their relationship was full of ups and downs. After Conrad returned to Laguna Beach, the two began dating, and their relationship lasted through the first season of "The Hills.
"He was a recurring character in the series and the show touched on his struggles with addiction.  Wahler returned to MTV to appear on "The Hills: New Beginnings. "Jason Wahler appeared on the "Laguna Beach" spin-off "The Hills" and its 2019 reboot.
Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty ImagesWahler was part of the cast of the rebooted "Hills," alongside his wife, Ashley Slack. They have one daughter. Before that, Wahler was part of the cast of the fourth season of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr.
Drew," as he was an alcoholic and addicted to cocaine. He had been arrested multiple times before his appearance. He opened up about relapsing in 2018.
Wahler also founded Widespread Recovery, a recovery center that appears to have since shut down. Jessica Smith was one of Cavallari's good friends, and she dated both Wahler and Dieter Schmitz. Jessica Smith was a main character on "Laguna Beach.
"Barry King/WireImage/Getty ImagesSmith was the long-suffering girlfriend of Wahler, but the two eventually broke up after one too many fights about how she couldn't trust Wahler during season two. She had also dated Schmitz, one of Conrad's friends, during season one. Now, she's Jessica Evans.
Evans posted this snapshot in 2019. Instagram/@jessrevansEvans is a mom of four, according to her Instagram. She and her husband, Michael Evans, live in Texas.
She has her own Amazon shop, but she has mainly stayed out of the spotlight since completing her time on the show.  Lo Bosworth was Conrad's best friend. She eventually popped up on "The Hills," as well.
Lauren "Lo" Bosworth was the loyal bff viewers wanted on "Laguna Beach. "Jason Merritt/FilmMagic/Getty ImagesBosworth and Conrad, or Lo and LC as they were nicknamed on the series, were the definition of BFF goals to any teen watching "Laguna Beach. " Bosworth also left the show after season two to attend UC Santa Barbara, but when she transferred to UCLA, she joined her bestie on "The Hills.
"She was more of a main character on that spin-off and was involved in tons of its most dramatic moments.  Bosworth remained on "The Hills" until the end. She founded a women's body care company, Love Wellness.
Lo Bosworth is now a founder and CEO. amie McCarthy/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows)After "The Hills" ended, Bosworth started her own blog, "The Lo Down," which she ran for years, and wrote a book of the same name in 2011. She also attended culinary school and started her own YouTube channel.
Bosworth also currently hosts a podcast called "I Love Wellness. "In 2016, Bosworth founded Love Wellness, a women's body care company that aims to "shatter the stigma around women's wellness so that you have solutions you are comfortable with. " It offers supplements, multivitamins, sexual health items, and various wellness kits.
She was recently spotted at the US Open with Venus Williams.  Talan Torriero was the show's resident ladies' man in seasons one and two. Talan Torriero left "Laguna Beach" after season two.
Mark Sullivan/WireImage/Getty ImagesTorriero was a junior in season one, making him younger than most of the cast, but he was pretty consistently hooking up with older girls. He also briefly dated Cavallari, but it didn't last long as she was still hung up on Colletti. He left after season two.
Torriero is now married with children. Talan went on to work in the farming industry. Chris Weeks/WireImage/Getty ImagesBefore he got married, the former reality star remained in the headlines for dating celebrities like Kimberly Stewart and Nicole Scherzinger.
However, he married Danielle Zuroski in 2014, putting his party boy past behind him. They have one son. He and his wife now own and operate a farm, Torriero Farms, in Omaha, Nebraska.
Trey Phillips was the token artsy friend. Trey was the cool and conscious kid on season one of "Laguna Beach. "Jason Merritt/FilmMagic/Getty ImagesPhillips was good friends with Colletti and the other guys, though he had a special bond with Conrad as well.
Phillips famously put on a fashion show that Conrad also used as a way to break into the fashion game. Phillips left the show after season one to attend Parsons in New York City. Phillips still works in the fashion industry.
Trey Phillips has remained stylish. Instagram/@treyphillipsAccording to his LinkedIn, Phillips has been an associate designer at Vera Wang since 2010. He recently discussed his experiences 0n the show on "Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen," a "Laguna Beach" rewatch podcast.
 Jen Bunney was one of Conrad's good friends who would later pop up on "The Hills. "She spiced up "The Hills. "Michael Bezjian/WireImage/Getty ImagesBunney didn't really make an impression until she showed up on "The Hills," and memorably hooked up with Brody Jenner even though Conrad had been on a few dates with him — and right after Conrad gifted Bunney with a diamond martini glass-shaped necklace for her birthday.
As a result, the two stopped being friends on the show. The storyline was simmering but Jenner said it was completely fake in a 2015 interview with Yahoo Style.  Bunney, now Dunphy, works in healthcare.
She has an MBA and is a doctor of public health. Jennifer Bunney went into healthcare after appearing on television. David Livingston/Getty ImagesShe married Taylor Dunphy in 2014 and now goes by Jennifer Dunphy.
According to her LinkedIn, Dunphy is the senior vice president at Regal Medical Group, and "leads population health for one of the nation's largest IPA's, dedicated to advancing innovative care models for high-cost populations including dual and medicaid lines of business. "Dunphy also remains close with "Hills" star Heidi Montag and is even the godmother to Montag's son, Gunner. Morgan Olsen, one of Conrad's good friends, was mainly defined by her desire to attend Brigham Young University.
Morgan Olsen was one of the more quiet cast members. Stephen Shugerman/Getty ImagesOlsen was part of Conrad's friend group, although she was a bit more conservative than the rest of her friends, as evidenced by her decision not to go to Cabo for spring break, and her desire to attend Brigham Young University (BYU), a Mormon school. She graduated in 2008.
She left "Laguna Beach" after season one. She now goes by Morgan Smith. She founded her own swimwear brand, Minnow Swim.
Morgan Smith took this photo with her husband in 2020. Instagram/@morgansmithShe married Joel Smith in 2010, and the two have three children together. Smith founded Minnow Swimwear in 2016, according to LinkedIn, and lives with her family in Charleston, South Carolina.
Christina Schuller was Olsen's best friend and part of the main friend group. Christina Schuller focused on extracurriculars on "Laguna Beach. "Mike FANOUS/Gamma-Rapho/Getty ImagesSchuller was also part of Conrad's group of friends, though she and Olsen were closer with each other than the rest of the group.
Her main contribution to "Laguna Beach," though, was her infamous trip to New York City when she tried out for a Broadway musical. Schuller left the show after season one. Schuller goes by her married name now, Sinclair, and is a barre instructor.
Christina Schuller in 2006. Rebecca Sapp/WireImage for A&E Television Network/Getty ImagesSinclair is private on Instagram, but according to her bio, she is a barre instructor at Equinox, and has two children. She married her husband, Chad Sinclair, in 2011.
Dieter Schmitz was one of Conrad and Colletti's best friends, and frequently the voice of reason among his friends. Dieter Schmitz was in the core cast in 2005. Stephen Shugerman/Getty ImagesSchmitz appeared in both season one and two with the title of "Stephen's Friend.
" Schmitz was one of the only cast-members in a stable relationship during season one, with Jessica Smith — though the two wouldn't last into season two. Schmitz had a "Laguna Beach" reunion at his wedding. Dieter Schmitz and his wife posted this photo in 2018.
Instagram/@dieterschmitzSchmitz got into hospitality after leaving the show, and now lives in Washington, DC, with his wife Isabell. They have one son. According to his LinkedIn, Schmitz is the regional general manager for the Lore Group.
He encourages his followers to tip well and respect hospitality staff in his Ins